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Business Problem Paper - 1372 Words

Running Head: BUSINESS PROBLEM PAPER AND PRESENTATION Business Problem Paper and Presentation University of Phoenix MBA 510 - Managerial Decision Making Professor Daniel A. Puente University of Phoenix Faculty Due April 28, 2008 Business Problem Paper and Presentation In the following pages, discussion will take place on the Wal-Mart Corporation, more specifically issues that have arisen with employee retention within the company. This work will illustrate both statistically and comprehensively the problems that Wal-Mart is facing with employee retention, including a list of optimal solutions for the problem. Dependent and independent variable will be identified, the null and alternative hypothesis, primary and secondary†¦show more content†¦318). Wal-Mart employees receive wages that are lower than the average for the industry. In 2004, associates n California earned an average of 31% less than the industry average. Wal-Mart employees received an average of $9.70 per hour compared to $14.01 at large retailers (Dube Jacobs, 2004). Such low wages cause Wal-Mart associates to receive government assistance. The families of Wal-Mart employees use an estimate 38% more non-healthcare related public assistance than the average of families for large retailers (Dube Jacobs, 2004). After reviewing numbers as drastic as these one can easily understand why Wal-Mart employees would leave Wal-Mart to pursue better opportunities elsewhere. On top of low wages Wal-Mart employees pay an exuberant amount for basic healthcare. In January 2006 only 46% of Wal-Mart’s associates were covered by healthcare (Wal-Mart Watch, 2005). Wal-Mart employees also have to wait long periods of time to qualify for healthcare. Full-time employees must wait 6 months, and part-time employees must wait for one year, before they qualify for benefits (Wal-Mart Watch, 2005). Not only do employees have to wait a long time to qualify for benefits they pay 41% of the insurance premium costs (Wal-Mart Watch, 2005). The combination of low wages and high priced healthcare is the reason that so many of its associates receive public health assistance. Research has shown that Wal-Mart employees across 24 states some form ofShow MoreRelatedQnt 561 Complete Class Essay963 Words   |  4 PagesQNT 561 (Applied Business Research and Statistics ) Week 1 Individual Week One Practice Problems Complete the following Week One Practice Problems in MyStatLab ®: †¢ Ch. 2 of Statistics for Business and Economics o 2.37, 2.38, 2.44, 2.46, 2.54, 2.64, 2.68, 2.79, 2.85, 2.89, 2.93, 2.94, 2.106, and 2.108 †¢ Ch. 4 of Statistics for Business and Economics o 4.1, 4.12, 4.13, 4.21, 4.79, 4.80, 4.81, 4.89, 4.91, 4.106, and 4.124 Week 2 Individual Week Two Practice Problems Complete the followingRead MoreEssay on Analysis of Small Business Problems Priorities692 Words   |  3 PagesAnalysis of Small Business Problems Priorities Research Paper The following is an analysis of a business research paper written by Bruce D. Phillips for the National Federation of Independent Business Research Foundation in conjunction with Wells Fargo as a resource for individuals looking to start small business endeavors titled, â€Å"Small Business Problems Priorities.† Purpose of the Research Throughout the research paper, Phillips outlines the possible problems, critical issues, and majorRead MorePhl 320 Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Business Complete Class996 Words   |  4 PagesPHL 320 Critical Thinking and Decision Making in Business Complete Class PHL 320 Week 1 Critical Thinking Discussion and Summary Participate in a class discussion by responding to the following questions: †¢ How would you define critical thinking? What makes a person a critical thinker? †¢ Why is critical thinking important? Provide an example of how critical thinking has helped you inRead MoreMis 535 Week 2 Course Project – Business Problem686 Words   |  3 PagesMIS 535 Week 2 Course Project – Business Problem Follow Below Link to Download Tutorial For More Information Visit Our Website ( ) Email us At: or Objective Provide an opportunity for students to apply a technology solution to a business problem in a specific company or organization that adds value to the organization. Read MoreBusiness Strategy And Managing Changing Environmental Standards, Sustainable Business Initiatives And Global Market Conditions1596 Words   |  7 PagesBusiness Strategy and Environment Article: - Business Strategy and Firm Reorganization: Role of Changing Environmental Standards, Sustainable Business Initiatives and Global Market Conditions Index Sr. No. Description Annexure Page No. 1. Introduction A 02 - 03 2. Key Points B 03 – 06 3. Marketing Sustainability C 07 4. Conclusion D 08 5. References Introduction:Read MoreManagement and Business Plan1523 Words   |  7 Pagesconcepts to a professional business application. | | Guidelines for All Papers | | * This project is completed in three stages. * The first two assignments (Stages I and II of the project) are worth 100 points each. * The final project (Stage III) is worth 270 points. * Stage I is due Week 2. * Stage II is due Week 5. * Stage III, the Final Project, is due Week 7. * Theory:  There should be theory provided throughout all stages of this business plan to substantiateRead MoreScript on Annual Day Function1580 Words   |  7 PagesCOURSE) EXAMINATION Candidates for the above examination are requested to be in attendance at the place of examination, fifteen minutes before the time appointed for setting of the first paper and ten minutes before the time fixed for setting of each subsequent paper. THEY ARE FORBIDDEN TO TAKE ANY BOOK OR PAPER INTO THE EXAMINATION HALL. Seat numbers and places of examination will be announced on the college notice boards four days prior to the date of commencement of the examination. Smoking isRead MoreThe Impact Of Coaching And Leadership On The Workplace1646 Words   |  7 PagesIn a business there are several different factors, and attributes that can excel or hinder a company’s environmental and economic success. Most people believe that a business’s longevity relies solely on its profits and regulations, when in actuality, it is the coaching and the leadership of the business. In fact, coaching and leadership are the greatest attributes that accumulate to a company’s success, but if they are abused, or misused, they can cause severe damage to the company’s well-beingRead MoreOrganizational Ethics934 Words   |  4 PagesIdentify typical ethical problems of managers. †¢ Recognize differences in ethical behavior and responsibility between an employee and a manager. Course Assignments 4. Readings †¢ Read Ch. 6 7 of Managing Business Ethics. †¢ Read this week’s Electronic Reserve Readings. 5. Learning Team Instructions †¢ Begin preparing for the Ethics in the Workplace Case Study Action Plan Presentation due in Week Five by reading one of the following case studies from Managing Business Ethics as assignedRead MoreBusiness Data Communication Semester Project1558 Words   |  7 Pages________________________________________ The Big Picture - A Business Recommendation There are no final tests in the course. Instead, the final project is a business recommendation. You are going to write your own paper, but you will be part of a group that will give you feedback about your paper before you turn it in for a final grade. In the workplace, good communication is almost always near the top of list of desired traits. It is also on the list of big problems! So, our final project is aimed squarely at

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The Potato, Or The S. Tuberosum - 1283 Words

CAUSE: The potato, or the S. tuberosum, is a tuberous crop that consists of mainly starch and water. This particular crop originated in the Andes, a large mountain range that is situated South America. The inhabitants of this wide diverse terrain, the Andeans, were the first persons to domesticate and widely cultivate the potato. The Andeans cultivated an extensive variety of potatoes, due to the difference in species that relied on several components; such as elevation and soil type. When the Spaniards began their colonization of the Americas in the sixteenth century, they discovered the Andeans’ usage of potatoes and advanced farming techniques. The Spaniards transported these techniques and potato to Europe through the Columbian Exchange. After the potato was diffused into Europe, it yielded effects that would influence Europe for centuries to come. The introduction of the potato (cause) was one of the most influential events in European history. This crop has numerous beneficial factors. For instance, the potato: has a relatively short growing season compared to other crops. Because of this, the potato could be harvested earlier to avoid unseasonable weather. has productive tubers (modified stems that store nutrients underground) that, it tripled Europe’s food supply and had the largest yield in comparison to other vegetables. contains all vitamins and nutrients needed to sustain life → individuals became strong enough to fight off infectious diseases. was extremelyShow MoreRelatedNacl Affects on Enzymatic Reaction Essay1451 Words   |  6 PagesRate of Reaction of Catecholase Enzymes in a Potato (Solanum tuberosum). Abstract Enzymes are a key component of a cell. They make chemical reactions happen faster because they lower the activation energy to make the chemical reaction occur. Most of the time, it is best if enzymes produce as efficiently as possible, but in some cases it is better if they do not, when dealing with potatoes (Solanum tuberosum). If the catecholase enzyme of the potato is hindered, it is less likely to brown whenRead MoreOsmosis Internal Assessment - Biology Higher Level3984 Words   |  16 Pages| The effect of salinity on osmosis of solanum tuberosum L.(potatoes) | Biology HL Internal Assessment – Year 10 | | Teresa Nguyen | | Table of Contents 1 DESIGN 2 1.1 Defining the problem 2 FOCUS QUESTION 2 HYPOTHESIS 2 BACKGROUND INFORMATION 2 INVESTIGATION VARIABLES 3 1.2 Controlling Variables 3 TREATMENT OF THE CONTROLLED VARIABLES 3 CONTROL EXPERIMENT 4 1.3 Experimental Method 4 MATERIALS 4 RISK ASSESSMENT 5 METHOD 5 2 DATA COLLECTION and PROCESSING 7 2.1 Recording RawRead MoreThe Effect Of Temperature And Ph On The Enzyme Activity Of Catechol Oxidase2000 Words   |  8 PagesThe Impact of Temperature and pH on the Enzyme Activity of Catechol Oxidase in Solanum Tuberosum Samples Abstract The role of an enzyme is to catalyse reactions within a cell. The enzyme present in a potato (Solanum Tuberosum) is catechol oxidase. In this experiment, the enzyme activity was tested under different temperature and pH conditions. The objective of this experiment was to determine the ideal conditions under which catechol oxidase catalyses reactions. In order to do this, catechol wasRead MoreDrying Of Potato Slices : Effect Of Pretreatments1268 Words   |  6 PagesDRYING OF POTATO SLICES: EFFECT OF PRETREATMENTS AND MATHEMATICAL MODELINGjfpp_594 310..319 IË™BRAHIM DOYMAZ1 ABSTRACT The effect of pretreatments on drying characteristics of potato slices was investigated in a cabinet dryer. The experiments were conducted on potato slices with thickness of 8 mmat 65Cwith an air velocity of 2.0 m/s.Prior to drying,potato sliceswere pretreated with citric acid solution (1:25 w/w, 3 min, 20C) or blanched hot water (3 min, 80C). Besides, the untreated samples were driedRead MoreComparison of Starch Content Among the Selected Crops: Gabi/Taro (Colocasia Esculenta), Sweet Potato (Ipomea Batatas) and Potato (Solanum Tuberosum)2081 Words   |  9 PagesComparison of Starch Content Among the Selected Crops: Gabi/Taro (Colocasia esculenta), Sweet Potato (Ipomea batatas) and Potato (Solanum tuberosum) GROUP VIII - 3A Caramel R. Arcillas Jhazel Pink L. Alcaraz April Mae N. Mapute Crisha Sein R. Atienza Jesse Orven J. Tumambing RESEARCHERS Mrs. Grace R. Guaves ADVISER ACKNOWLEDGEMENT This study would not have been possible without the guidance and the help of several individuals who in one way or another contributed and extended their valuableRead MoreComparative Study Between the Bioplastic Properties of Agar-Agar (Gelidium Amansii) and Potato (Solanum Tuberosum) Starch2092 Words   |  9 PagesLA SALLE GREEN HILLS Comparative Study Between the Bioplastic Properties of Agar-Agar (Gelidium amansii) and Potato (Solanum tuberosum) Starch Submitted by: Kyle Emmanuel A. David Rynno Gabriel Luis T. Garde Justin Carlo P. Gregorio Rufo Angelo M. Mauricio III Christian Michael A. Perreras II-B Submitted to: Miss Alvie Diaz Submitted on: January 30, 2012 ABSTRACT Bioplastic is a form of plastic derived from renewable biomassRead MoreIce Cream Dessert6274 Words   |  26 PagesPhilippines since it grows in abundant sunshine and warm nights, and have few natural enemies; pesticides are rarely needed. Also known as sweet potato, it is a vegetable with large, starchy, sweet-tasting, and tuberous roots. The edible tuberous root’s flesh color ranges from beige through white, red, pink, violet, yellow, orange, and purple. Sweet potato has potent antioxidants, such as Beta-carotene and Anthocyanin, which remove harmful free radicals in our system. It has anti-inflammatory andRead MoreCbse Biology Class Xi Chapter 14853 Words   |  20 Pagesexhibit metabolism. The sum total of all the chemical reactions occurring in our body is metabolism. No non-living object exhibits metabolism. Metabolic reactions can be demonstrated outside the body in cell-free systems. An isolated metabolic reaction(s) outside the body of an organism, performed in a test tube is neither living nor non-living. Hence, while metabolism is a defining feature of all living organisms without exception, isolated metabolic reactions in vitro are not living things but surely

Confucius and Confucianism Essay Example For Students

Confucius and Confucianism Essay LIFE OF CONFUCIUS Confucius was believed to have been born in 551 BC., in the state of Lu, known today as the Shandong province. His parents, who died while he was a child, named him Kong Qui. Confucius was derived from the Latin word Kongfuzi which means Great Master Kong. Confucius was the most influential and respected philosopher in Chinese history. His ideas were the single strongest influence on Chinese society from around 100 BC. to the AD. 1900s. The Chinese government made his ideas the official state philosophy and many nearby countries honored his beliefs. Confucius wanted to gain the position as an adviser to a wise ruler, but he failed. He hoped to do this in order to be able to employ his ideas for reforming society. If it wasnt for the disciples of Confucius his teachings would have never been spread around China, and he would have never been made known. His teachings were never written down by him, but his conversations and sayings were written down by his disciples in the analects. CONFUCIANISM Confucianism was the single most important thing in Chinese life. It affected everything in China; education, government, and attitudes toward behavior in public and private life. Confucianism is not a religion, but it is more a philosophy and a guide to morality and good government. At the time Confucius was born, China was in a conezt state of war, and rapid political change altered the structure of Chinese society so much that people no longer respected the established behavioral guidelines. Confucius stated that the ideal person was one of good moral character. The ideal person was also truly reverent in worship and sincerely respected his father and his ruler. He was expected to think for himself, guided by definite rules of conduct. As Confucius said, he was expected to take as much trouble to discover what was right as lesser men take to discover what will pay. Confucius believed that this type of behavior by rulers had a greater effect on the people than did laws or codes of punishment. So when these types of people were rulers, their moral example would inspire the people to lead good lives. Confucius died sometime around 479 B.C., and his philosophy was not very well known. If it werent for his disciples his ideas would probably still be unknown. Confucius never wrote anything down himself; his disciples wrote all of his sayings down in a collection of books called the Analects. These contain all that modern day man knows about Confucius. There existed two important Confucian philosophers-Mencius (390-305 BC) and Xunzi (mid 200s B.C.). They held beliefs similar to Confucius but they were somewhat different. Menciuss viewpoint was that people were born good, and that they had to preserve the natural compassion of the heart. Xunzi opposed this by saying that people could be good and live peacefully only if their minds were shaped by education and conduct. Both of these ideas parallel Confucius, in that they both state that people can be good. Confucianism was concerned primarily with the needs of society, and unlike Buddhism and Taoism, not the ability for a person to live in harmony with nature. Beginning in the 200s B.C. Buddhism and Taoism began to affect and reshape the ezdards of Confucianism, and things such as nature came into play. Around A. D. 200 to 600, there was a rapid decline in the Confucian Beliefs in China. This was partly because Confucianism now had to compete with Buddhism and Taoism, which were developed around this time. These religions were to Confucianism as night is to day, in other words, they were exact opposites. Buddhism and Taoism were largely concerned with the meaning of suffering and death, while Confucianism largely ignored these. The revival of Confucianism began around the 600s and was fully revived by the 700s. Honor Argumentative Essayexact opposites.Buddhism and Taoism were largely concerned with the meaning of suffering and death, while Confucianism largely ignored these. The revival of Confucianism began around the 600s and was fully revived by the 700s. In the 1100s, there was a movement lead by Zhu-Xi called the Neo-Confucianism movement.He developed a branch of this movement known as the rational-wing, it dealt with the study of Li, the relationship between humans and nature.Another branch was called the intuitional-wing and it dealt mostly with enlightenment by a combination of meditation and moral action.In the 1900s there was a clash between Confucianism and Western beliefs such as Communism.For many years after the Communist change in China, the Government greatly opposed Confucianism because it tended to look into the past .

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Management Theories of Mcdonalds free essay sample

McDonald’s and other fast food industry restaurant’s validate their effective use of management theory through their exemplary company standings throughout the world. Frederick Winslow Taylor, known as the father of scientific management, developed a theory for what he believes to be the most effective form of management. Three aspects of this theory include educating your employees, setting a standard for performing each task, and encouraging high production through incentives; all of which are used by McDonald’s today. Taylor believes that the employees need to be trained on how to be the most productive at each given task. At McDonald’s, each entry level employee must go through specific training before entering the work force. In order to advance to the next level of management, the employees must complete a course intended directly for their new level of management. In these courses, the employees learn to use leadership to develop high performance, get individuals and teams to use their full potential, and to improve profits and sales. We will write a custom essay sample on Management Theories of Mcdonalds or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page For employees that are serious about their management education, McDonald’s offers extensive training at their university called Hamburger University. These individuals first attend McDonald’s regional training centers then attend Hamburger University where they lean how to effectively run a business using McDonald’s classical management style. Also, Taylor believes that every individual should be trained how to perform each task in the most efficient style. In McDonald’s, every task is performed using a distinct method. For example, every cashier at McDonald’s has a set of standard questions including â€Å"Small, Medium, or Large† and â€Å"Would you like fries with that? † McDonald’s also uses a register to confirm, assemble, and check the order; in addition to using computer ystems to transmit the order into the holding bins for the kitchens use. In order to increase efficiency, McDonald’s has a specific technique for making its food. For example, the patties are seared on each side and then removed from the grilled when the system indicates, followed by the condiments bei ng applied in premeasured quantities, and the sandwich being wrapped. All of these tasks are performed by different individuals in order to make each task as effective as possible. Finally, Taylor believes in encouraging high production though incentives. Giving a set wage will only encourage low production because the employee is receiving the same payment regardless of their productive rate. In order to fix this problem, Taylor encouraged creating incentives through a reward system. McDonald’s motivates its employees through programs such as Employee of the Month, Company car program, and the recognition program; where the employees receive acknowledgement for their hard work. McDonald’s also includes programs that encourage motivated work through access to gift cards, free food, and merchandise. Lastly, McDonald’s will give top employees â€Å"bonuses based on the performance of their business and their individual performance† (Thinking Made Easy, 2010). Through educating, having a standard for performing tasks, and encouraging high production through incentives; McDonald’s demonstrates numerous aspects of Taylor’s scientific Management. Fayol believes his form of classical management principles demonstrates the most effective use of management. Two aspects of Fayol’s theory that McDonald’s uses today include division of labor and the use of authority. In respect to division of labor, Fayol believes that each employee should know exactly what their job entails and every item being created should have its own, particular area. At McDonald’s, the complete operation is divided into a number of set tasks, including cooking operations and operations of the deep fryer, where each food item has its own machine. Then, each person is assigned to carry out a given task where it is â€Å"laid out for maximum efficiency and minimum movement of the employees† (BIzcovering, 2008). Fayol also believes in authority and having a unity of command. McDonald’s establishes its authority through its managers. When entering McDonald’s, the employee begins as a floor crew member, then advance to trainee floor, then second assistant, and so on, until reaching Restaurant manager. Furthermore, in order to create a unity of command, McDonald’s uses a system where each employee reports to one particular manager. That particular manager then reports to the branch manager. McDonald’s demonstrates Fayol’s management principles through its use of division of labor and authority. In the fast food industry, the most common form of management style is classical management. Along with McDonald’s, Burger King and KFC also focus their management style on classical management. When these company’s begin to spread throughout the country, in order to stay successful, they must have a standard system for their productions and be able to keep all of their employees properly motivated. Thus, the use of classical management has become a very appropriate style of management for these companies, allowing for their success throughout the United States. Through its use of classical management, McDonald’s has established itself among the world’s most valuable brands. By ensuring that every McDonald’s franchise uses classical management, the company’s effective approach gained them the title of â€Å"leading share holder for the globally branded fast food segment of restaurants† (Thinking Made Easy, 2010). Because McDonald’s franchise is wide spread, using classical management ensures that every task performed is performed identically to every other franchise and in the most efficient manner possible. McDonald’s ranks number 1 in food service, receiving 27 million in revenue in 2011 which is up 12. 2 percent from the year before. McDonald’s use of classical management, along with Burger King and KFC, continues to prove appropriate and effective through its world and financial standings. Through different aspects of Taylor’s scientific management and Fayol’s management principles, McDonald’s has established classical management as its main form of management.

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How to Raise Your GPA in High School Class Strategies

How to Raise Your GPA in High School Class Strategies SAT / ACT Prep Online Guides and Tips The road to a good GPA can be paved with setbacks, but if you figure out where your problems lie and put in the effort to get yourself back on track, you can overcome these obstacles. In this article, I’ve compiled a list of dos and don’ts that will be helpful to you in combating academic pitfalls (and learning to avoid them in the first place!). Read on to figure out how you can improve your GPA by paying attention to your areas of weakness, taking responsibility, and cultivating better study habits. DO's This list includes my best advice on how to change your behavior to reverse negative trends in your GPA. It's best to start by getting a good handle on the fundamental grading structure of the courses where you're having trouble and work your way up to better study habits and strategies. Understand the Course's Grading Scheme The first step in improving your GPA is understanding how you will be graded and which assignments carry the most weight.In some classes, for example, homework assignments might be worth 30% of your grade.If you consistently forget to do homework assignments, you'll be in for a world of hurt when you see your report card even if you did well on all of the tests. That’s why it’s critical to pay attention to the grading methodology. Read the grading guidelines for each class thoroughly. Your teacher probably handed them out to the class at the very beginning of the year, so if you can't find yours just ask for another copy.The guidelines are there to tell you what the expectations are and where you need to focus your effort in the class.Don’t ignore the emphasis that a teacher places on certain aspects of your work and class conduct.If you’re aware of the expectations, it’s impossible to remain in denial about what’s causing your bad grades, which meansyou can start fixing your bad habits and improve! Focus on the Most Important Areas Once you’ve reviewed the grading guidelines, you'll have a better sense of where you should be focusing most of your efforts.Some classes emphasize tests and little else.Others include lab assignments, homework assignments, or papers that strongly influence your final grade.Whatever the case may be, you should alignyour study schedule with the grading policy. This means you shouldn't spend tons of time on a small project that will have minimal impact on your grade or toilaway at ungraded homework assignments late into the night.Though I always recommend at least trying to do the homework (as you’ll see in the next piece of advice), don’t waste hours of your time trying to figure out a tough problem that has stumped you if homework isn’t a largepart of your grade.Do as much as you can while making time for more important tasks.If you have trouble on a homework assignment, most teachers will go over the answers with you later to help you understand the material. They'll appreciate that you at least made an honest effort to complete it on your own. If a project, paper, or test will comprise a large fraction of your final grade, make sure you put yourself in the best position to do a good job.This means planning out your studying far in advance or setting up a schedule for when you will complete each stage of a project.If you put in the time,your efforts will be reflected in your grades. A disturbing street sign to see if you're actually driving, but an inspiring one for the purposes of this article Always Do the Homework, Especially in Math and Science I had many math classes in high school where it didn’t technically matter if you did the homework problem sets. We would go over them together in class, but the teacher never went around and checked whether each person did the assignment.In such a situation, it’s tempting to skip homework since it doesn’t seem like it will impact your grade.But the fact is that this WILL have an indirect negative impact once you're faced with tests and other large assessments. With math and science in particular, knowledge builds on itself.If you don’t understand one unit in math because you didn’t bother figuring out any problems for yourself in the homework assignments, chances are you’re going to have an even tougher time with the next unit.This is how people end up falling farther and farther behind.By the time they’re faced with a test that covers multiple units that they didn’t understand, they realize too late that they should have put in the work earlier.If this tends to happen to you, you may need to be stricter about forcing yourself to do homework assignments even if they â€Å"don’t matter† in and of themselves. Ask for Help If You Don’t Understand Something If you’re struggling with a concept in any of your classes, speak to your teacher as soon as possible to clear up any confusion. It can be difficult to swallow your pride and admit that you don’t understand something, but it’s much easier than dealing with a failing grade later.Again, this is especially important in math and science classes where knowledge builds on itself.You absolutely need to understand basic concepts at the root of what you’re doing before you can progress.Don’t let these concepts pass you by and hope that you’ll somehow catch on later. If you feel nervous about asking for help and aren't sure what to say, you might start with something like this, "I'm having trouble with [subject] and was hoping you could give me some extra guidance. I'll come up with a list of my questions if you're willing to meet sometime after school this week." If you're really shy and don't want to ask your teacher in person (although I would recommend that you do), you can send an email instead so you have more time to think of what to say. Remember that you shouldn't be worried. Even if you ask the grumpiest teacher for help, you're likely to be met with a positive response. Teachers love to see students who are engaged with their classes and are making an honest effort to understand the material. Push the button. Know What’s Being Tested and How Before any test, ask your teacher what concepts will be tested and which types of questions you’ll see.This will help guide your studying and lead to less stress and anxiety when it comes to actually taking the exam. Some teachers might be willing to show you examples of their old testswith similar formats but different questions. These are very useful study materials.Teachers may also offer extra review sessions for students who are looking for more guidance before the test.If this is the case in any of your classes, take advantage of it. You can also ask the teacher if he or she would be willing to do this for a specific test that makes you especially nervous. There are some teachers out there who don't like to tell you what types of questions will be on the test. Don't panic if this is the case. Even these teachers will at least tell you the gist of what's being covered. Even though you'll have less information, you'll still know which materials to study. Just make sure you're as thorough as possible in your review sessions. Study Smart: Know the Difference Between Reading It Over and â€Å"Getting It† So you have to study for a history test, and your teacher gives you some review sheets of the information you need to know - what do you do now?Some people think â€Å"oh, I’ll just read the review sheets a couple of times, and I’ll pretty much know everything I need for the test†.Unless you have a photographic memory, this isn’t the most effective method.You have no way of knowing what will happen when you're asked tocome up with this information after it’s no longer in front of you.Twenty-fourhours later it might be completely lost. While you’re reviewing information that you need to know for a test, read each section or set of facts in your notes, and then look away from them and test yourself.Restate the information in your mind to yourself and/or come up with a totally ridiculous way to remember it (the more absurd and stupid the more likely it is to stick in your brain).After you’ve done this exercise a few times, have a friend, sibling, or parent help you by asking questions about the information. If you know the test will have open response questions, practice connecting different pieces of information in conjunction with basic memorization.Tell a study partner to ask you questions like â€Å"what were the causes of [historical event]?† This will force you to connect different details and gain a more solid grasp on the knowledge you’ll need for the test. Study Smart 2.0: Practice Responsible Study Habits I mentioned above that getting your peers to help you with studying is a good strategy. However, this only works in moderation. Studying with your friends can be great, but studying shouldn’t always be a group effort.Sometimes the focus gets diverted, or you end up convincing each other that you all understand something when only one person really does. Reserve time afterwards to briefly review the information on your own. Also,turn your phone off or put it away while you're studying. Believe me, I know how hard this is. I sleep with my iPhone under my pillow. But if you're going to get some high quality studying done, you can't allow yourself to be distracted by SnapChats or whatever other examples of popular apps I might give that will soon sound ridiculously outdated. The best thing you can do to make the most of your study sessions is to turn off your phone and block distracting websites from your computer so that you won't be tempted to veer off course. Instead of studying, let's just make fun of the one person who isn't here today. Review Your Mistakes In the process of improving your GPA, you’ll probably face some setbacks.How you react to those setbacks makes a big difference.If you get a bad grade on a test, you might not even want to look at your mistakes, but to improve you need to understand where you went wrong.Reviewing mistakes thoroughly is the only way to ensure that you don’t make them again. Even abstract mistakes, like failing to fully explain your ideas in a paper, are worth reviewing.You might not fully agree with your teacher’s opinion about your writing, but it can provide valuable insight into what he or she expects from you.You can then make an active decision the next time you write something to do it in a way that follows the appropriate standards (I know, this is not very punk rock - I’m sorry). Avoid Procrastination I know people who procrastinate to severe panic attack levels while managing to do very well in school and work.The truth is, however, that these people are in the extreme minority.If you’re already struggling in your classes, resist the allure of waiting until the night before to do a project or cramming for a big test. Procrastination can seem glamorous (we all want to be the cool kid who never does anything until the night before and gets all As), but it’s not a wise strategy for most students. If you have problems with procrastination, plan out a schedule beforehand when your teachers hand out assignments.For a project that’s due in a month, set up informal deadlines for yourself that cover different aspects of the project.You might even be able to ask your teacher to check in with you and hold you accountable.If you have a test coming up and you don’t feel prepared, set up a study schedule a week in advance so you can avoid cramming. What procrastination will do to you DON'Ts This second section is all about the pitfalls to avoid when you're struggling with your grades. Surrendering to these negative attitudes and patterns of behavior will only hurt you in the long run! Blame the Teacher The first thing many students do when they get a bad grade is blame the teacher.It’s understandable - you don’t want to think that yougenuinelyearned a bad grade. It’s easier to shift responsibility away from yourself so you don’t have to make any difficult changes.What you need to understand is that when you do this, you’re ultimately sabotaging yourself (unless your teacher is Dolores Umbridge or something). There are bad teachers out there, but they can’t just decide to give you bad grades if you follow their standards.This goes back to understanding how the course will be graded and how much weight is given to certain assignments.Make sure you ask your teacher exactly what is expected of you.It might feel like you'repandering to someone you don’t respect, but if you end up with a bad grade, you’ll be the one who loses out in the end. Obviously, you should speak up to people in higher authority if your teacher is being grossly unfair.If you’re honest with yourself you should be able to tell the difference between malicious injustice and differing standards. She should have been fired just for this outfit, am I right? Compare Yourself to Others There’s nothing more frustrating than hearing that one casually smart kid in your class say that he didn’t study at all for the test and got an A.When you hear stuff like this, you should keep in mind two things: This person is probably stretching the truth to show off. Everyone has different learning styles, and it’s better to learn good study habits now so you can figure out what works for you. You know what you’re already good at and what you need to work harder to master, and you shouldn’t consider yourself dumber than another person if it takes you a little longer to understand something.Persevering through these challenges will give you the type of mental strength that is critical in college and the real world beyond.Kids who breeze through high school may have trouble dealing with setbacks later on when they have to really stretch themselves to succeed (believe me, I’ve experienced the stress of this first-hand). Remember, regardless of the effort that anyone else is putting in, only you know yourself well enough to judge how much time you need to study for a test or learn a new concept.This type of self-awareness helps build skill sets that will help you later in life! Throw in the Towel If you have a GPA that seems hopelessly low, you may be tempted to stop trying to fix it and just give in to the â€Å"I’m not cut out for school† mentality. Yes, it’s discouraging to have a low GPA, but before you give up, think about whether changing your habits could make a difference. What caused you to end up with a low GPA?It could be anything from struggles in your personal life to irresponsible study habits to misunderstandings about class requirements.Whatever the case, nothing that you’ve done in the past to end up with a low GPA has to define what you do going forward (unless you’re still struggling with personal issues - please get help if so!). You have the ability to turn over a new leaf, especially if it’s still early in your high school career.Also, not everyone HAS to go to a four-year college. You might have a professional field in mind that requires hands-on training but not a bachelor’s degree.No matter what, don’t lose hope for your future! Don't throw me in, you're my beeeest friend Summary Here's a consolidated list of all the tips included in this article: 1. Understand the course's grading scheme2. Focus on the most important areas3. Always do the homework (especially in math and science)4. Ask for help if you don't understand something5. Know what's being tested and how6. Know the difference between reading something over and actually understanding it7. Practice responsible study habits (avoid distractions)8. Review your mistakes9. Avoid procrastination And if you find yourself struggling, try to avoid blaming the teacher, comparing yourself to other students, or giving up entirely. Perseverance is everything! What's Next? Hoping to raise your GPA very quickly? Read my article on how to raise your GPA fast for some helpful strategies. If you're worried about getting into college because of your GPA, check out this list of the best colleges with low GPA requirements. Not sure whether your GPA is too low for college? Learn more about what's considered a high or low GPA in the college admissions process. Want to improve your SAT score by 160 points or your ACT score by 4 points? We've written a guide for each test about the top 5 strategies you must be using to have a shot at improving your score. Download it for free now:

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Book Review of The Road by Cormac McCarthy

Book Review of 'The Road' by Cormac McCarthy Add the post-apocalyptic The Road to Cormac McCarthy’s growing list of masterpieces. It combines the terse but poetic meditations on the horrific depths of human depravity of his Blood Meridian with the taut, thriller writing found in his, No Country for Old Men. What separates The Road from his other works is McCarthy’s ability to capture moments of lyrical and emotional beauty in a father and son’s haunted relationship even as a silent cloud of death covers the world in darkness. Synopsis of  The Road A nameless man and his son trek to the coast in search of food, shelter, and some sign of life.Encounters with other humans are devastating affairs of cruelty, savagery, or despair.Even in a seemingly hopeless struggle for his son, the father notices moments that bring warmth.Though weary, moments of luck or providence seem to catch them before death’s grip can take hold.The Road doesn’t turn away from ultimate horror  but also doesn’t hide defiant love. Pros Sears its mark into your mind from the first sentence to weeks after you’ve put it down.Reveals the strength of a father’s love for his son in the bleakest of circumstances.Written by a master author who knows how to make every word count.Involves a post-apocalyptic world that is frighteningly realized. Cons Only recommended for aged and bold readers. Full Review of The Road â€Å"When he woke in the woods in the dark and the cold of the night he’d reach out to touch the child sleeping beside him.† A father and son are striving to survive in a wilderness that used to be a country that used to be the most prosperous nation on earth. All that is left is ash, floating and falling when the wind chooses not to breathe. This is the setting of The Road, a journey of survival only Cormac McCarthy could envision. McCarthy carves this world in a harsh, stark lyricism reserved for those who speak unflinching prophecy. Both the father and son are surrounded by a nightmare and are frightened by others when they sleep. They are always starving, always cautiously alert, only having a grocery cart with a few blankets and a gun with two bullets, either to protect against the cannibalistic humanity following their tracks or for the father to finish their lives before despair consumes them both. As they journey to the coast in search of something, the father tells the boy it is better to have nightmares because when you start dreaming, you know the end is near. McCarthy allows the reader to dream for them, striving on with them until a conclusion that whispers, under the pain and futility, of a sovereignty that is older than the destruction ever looming in the world. The Road is a brutally astonishing work. If your book discussion club is up for the dark themes, it is a book that will leave you wanting to discuss it with others. The movie adaptation is also available for those who prefer that medium. Check out our discussion questions for The Road to guide your exploration of the book further.

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Small Scale Experimental Machine Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

Small Scale Experimental Machine - Article Example The memory was to be tested in order to prepare for creating Manchester Mark 1 computer (Hilpert, 2002), so in general SSEM was a prototype of Mark 1. The Baby, a computer with 128 bytes of memory (Relph-Knight, 2008), was built at the Victoria University of Manchester in order to test the features of the memory - its speed, reliability, and feasibility. The machine was created under the influence of John Von Neumann's work - he was designing a machine that would use an RCA storage device named Selectron. It also was a tube, a large vacuum one, and worked by means of electrostatic charge storage of 4096 bits. However, Von Neumann did not manage to run the Selectron (Relph-Knight). The designers of SSEM used the random access properties of the memory in order to store both data for digital calculations and, actually, program instructions (Tiangha, 2003). This idea and its realization lead the scientists to the realization of the stored program concept which later became a founding principle for the future computers which we use every day now. SSEM stored its information on the cathode ray tube - similar to the ones used in TV (Johnson, 2008), or radar screens used at that time. During the War scientists developed a delay line memory - the signa... As a result, left were only the residual signals to contain the images of the moving objects (Turing, 1937). Computers working with this type of a memory could store only limited amounts of data, were expensive, and very demanding in maintenance. Besides, they provided sequential access to information instead of random one which was considered to be more efficient. The creation of the Williams Tube itself was a result of William's observing an experiment that had been conducted at Bell Labs, where they used cathode ray tubes working with radars. They developed the tube as an analog for a delay line memory. At the same time Williams was realizing that development of a device for electronic storage of data was crucially important for the further development of electronic digital computers. Therefore, while working at Telecommunications Research Establishment, in 1946 Williams started work on designing his own, modified, type of such a tube in an attempt to use it as a computer storage device, which, finally, proved to be successful (The Computer Conservation Society, 1992). Williams designed the 'memory' in such a way that it read the charge and rewrote it continuously at electronic speeds. This allowed the data to be kept permanently, and finally this sequence of actions was called 'regeneration'. Afterwards it was implemented in contemporary RAMs to replenish charge (The University of Manchester, 1998-1999). So, the next step was to build a computer that would be able to use the created memory. According to Relph-Knight (2008) the predecessor of Manchester Small-Scale Experimental Machine was secret Colossus machine used during the war for decoding German messages. It was a pre-programmed heavily wired machine which was able to deal with a small number